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Nothing's gonna change my love for you



well exams are officially over, people are bored, people are jobless, people start doing stupid stuff...

        Okay so yesterday after thermo exam, which i think i'm gonna failllll, I went out with Fatinn, Syaf, Yanni, Nic and Mario to watch Iron Man 2. So first we went to for McDonald's breakfast :D and then took a bus to Cineleisure at Orchard Road. So on the bus, the most interesting thing happened O.O At first, Fatinn and I were just happily listening to her ipod, happily singing away, then a woman behind us made a phone call and said: "Is this xxx's wife?" "I slept with your husband."

        Then both of us were like wtfff O.O and we pretended nothing happened but we turned down the volume to minimum so that we can hear clearly LOLOL. then she continue and talked like "I didn't even know he was married." "He lied to me." "He said he was single and not even attached." "I've been attending church for the past 2 years, I don't do stuff like this." "You should leave him." "I didn't to chase him, I don't even need to chase guys." etc. We were like holy shitttttt, i always thought this kind of stuff only happens in movies or dramas =.= WTF that guy is a jerk! Anyway this matter should not be discussed in public area, i believe that half of the people on the bus heard what she said. tsktsk.

        Iron Man 2 was quite nice. The food in jail really looks like hostel food ROFL, especially the tray and cup =.= haha and i really like some lines is there, for example : "I'm sorry, but its your fault." I'm gonna use this line for the next few weeks muahaha :D Then we went looking around, and bought some interesting ehem for wardah's birthday present. I can't waittt for her reaction mannn :D After that I met up with JH, he sent me back to hostel and i managed to freak him out. awesome. hmph! revenge is sweeeeet.  

        Talking about movies, I've been watching a lot of movies lately. A LOT. LITERALLY. 

#1 Paranormal Activity
hmmm I watched this movie with Wardah at night. The front part was reallly realllly boring =.= so we skipped parts and only watched the parts when they are in bed. Things only started to be interesting 30 minutes before the end.... The guy was really brave I like. damn i really wanna know what happened downstairs when she killed him     3/5

#2 John Tucker Must Die
This movie is quite old according to LyEn. I like the plot. hot guys, hot chicks, quite funny     3.5/5

#3 Meet Dave
This movie is funny HAHAHA! I love the lines especially this "Do you know it would be very pleasant that if we change this subject to another conversation. Did you see the sport competition last night?" LOLOL sorry but i find it really funny :D     3.5/5

#4 Coraline
I like this movie. Even though its a little bit creepy, but it is really interesting. I watched in in McDonald's in JB LOL. The animation and stuff is really cool :D     4/5

#5 G.I. Joe
Not bad. A lot of actions and stuff. and the actress is pretty :D But its kinda like the actions movie i watched before =.=     3.5/5

#6 I Am Legend
WOOHOOO ZOMBIES!!! i felt quite sad for him that he was the only one alive. makes me depressed. and JH told me i watched the "he died" version. oh well.     3.5/5

#7 August Rush
I LOOOOOOOOVE THIS MOVIE!!! MADE ME CRY  Its really touching and i love the music. ahhh I miss my parents ;(     4.5/5

#8 The Grudge
This movie is joke LOLOL. I really want to watch it seriously and be scared, but the Korea guy, Joshua kept screaming and made us laughed so much until i can't concentrate on the movie =.=     3/5

#9 Iron Man 2

#10 Jennifer's Body
Seriously I don't find this scary..... just that megan fox is hot thats all... but i feel a little bit sad for the boyfriend who died :(     2.5/5

#11 Case 39
LOL not really scary for a horror film.... or isit something wrong with me? :( I HATE THE LITTLE GIRL SO MUCH ARGH!     2.5/5

        LOL I could not believe i'm this free to type my opinions on these movies one by one =.= Its just that I'm quite proud that I actually watch the whole movie, cuz I don't really have the patience to watch a whole movie on my laptop, usually i'll just press fast forward 4X LOLOL :D 

        Not only that, I've been watching a lot of Russell Peters's shows lately. In case you don't know who is Russell Peters, he is a standing comedian, means he stands on a stage and make jokes.  Even though he is damn racist, but he is damn funny. FUNNY!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! i admire his accent LOLOL damn coool. *just take it and go* indian accent HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! but someone doesn't want me to listen to his sick jokes :( SOMEONE....

        Been hanging out a lot with YaWen, Kelvin, Khairul and WeeThean lately, just now we were playing Wii in the TV room, and they literally HATE me :( sorry guys i can't help it it was so funny!!! LOL when i was playing Super Mario Smash Brawl, i was screaming the whole time cuz i really SUCK :( and my thumb cramp :( but it was real funny looking at them playing, cant stop laughing. Now my throat hurts :((( After that, we played Jenga which I OWNED. 

p.s: Ya Wen's dad is awesome. 

p.p.s: Script checking day is tomorrow. I'm screwed.  

I am happy :D but you still have to fulfill allll your promises okay?