AWESOMEness of Ngui Woan Chyi =)

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HAHAHAHAHAHA i know the caption and the picture above does not match. but oh well who cares ;)

ah finally i'm updating my blog i'm touched too :')
it has been a long time since i typed a blogpost, i did not even look at my blog :(


Life in Year 4 is suckish AWESOME :D
I just finished 8 papers and 2 more papers to go, which is Econs and Thermo which I don't really care... i never study so hard in my life, mug in the tv room EVERY SINGLE DAY right after school until 11pm then go to sleep =.= TV room was like my second room, i stayed so late until Ms Kong has to call me to chase me out. I am never stepping my foot inside that room AGAIN!! no need to anyway muahahahahaha :D anyway my History GG, i dont wanna sit beside Poh Yu Quan again during the exam he stressed me out by writing so much but i cant even think about what to write. my bullshitting skills SUCKSSS :( others are quite okay except for Math, Cell Bio, Biod, Chem, Physics and English...

ANYWAY ANYWAYYYY i'm in a nice nice HOTEL ROOM now in JB WOOOHOOO. super comfy bed, super fast internet and AIR-COND muahahaha :D and if you wonder why, cuz my dad called me this morning and asked me whether i want to go to JB or not cuz he's working there, since i miss him so i said yes and google how to go to JB and just packed my bag and left. I think i am so AWESOME. I think i really grew up, i remember 2 years ago i didnt even dare to order a meal by myself =.= now i can just go from one country to another alone. AMAZING. i guess coming to Singapore was a great decision afterall :D speaking about hotels, i used to be scared of staying in hotels, especially hotel toilets =.= (i keep typing "hostel" instead of "hotel" arghhh) i'm just scared of it i dont know whyyy :( but now i love it, who gets to stay in hotels often anyway ;)

OMG I GOT SO MANY STUFF TO SAY ALOT OF STUFF HAD HAPPENED IN APRIL BUT I CANT REMEMBER MOST OF THEM cuz now my mind is still filled with "Perestroika", "Glasnost", "Bryophytes", "Gnathostomes", "Torsion"... argh omg too much information driving me crazy :( anyway, this post is gonna be a mess cuz i'm gonna jump here and jump there writing some of these or writing some of thatttt =.=

okay first i'm gonna write something about the most epic bio field trip ever. RAIN+ZOO= EPIC LOLOL I LOVE THE ZOO!! we got a bio field trip to the zoooooooo!!! it was awesome at first until it started to rain :( so YuJia, Vivien, JonS and me was like run??? RUNNNNN!!! AND WE RAN ALL THE WAY TO FINISH OUR STATIONS! WE WANT BJ VOUCHERS LOLOL. but damn on our way to the last station we got caught by Mr. Lee :( and stayed in the shelter with ALOT OF PEOPLE LOLOL. poor Ryan's group who can get first but did not haha.  in the end we got $1 McDonald's voucher each =.= butttt 4 groups in 409 got number 4,6,7,8!!1 damn cool we should have a $1 McDonald ice cream outing. i still think that the whole level should just get a MC the next day and skip English Test.

I LOVE 409<3 too awesome ;D

next event LOL: I went to Masquerade with JH. dont wanna write too much about this, good memories should be just kept within ourselves ;) 

HMMmmmmmm what else..... oh yea something happened but i shall not say it here. i just wanna say to that bastard: "IN YOUR FACE WE ARE VERY HAPPY NOW, i hope you tripped when you are crossing the road =.=" 

okay a recent event: went out with Fatinn to Clarke Quay yesterday after exam to meet Yawen, WeeThean, Kelvin and Khairul. yea right we just went there to have dinner. yup just to have dinner. we are jobless people :D LOLOL WE GOT LOST AT FIRST, couldnt find the river they were talking about, Yawen giving directions failll =.= LOL during dinner, Khairul was trying to tell us "why am I  scared of dogs" story, and he kept starting the sentence with "when i was young and FAT..." HAHAHA so Me and Fatinn annoyed him by saying him FAT at the end of every sentence he said, very fun and we kept laughing and LAUGHINGGGG :D in the end he still didn manage to finish his story cuz we started making "You're so fat, that..." jokes ;D then came back hostel and watched Paranormal Activity with Wardah and Lyen, not very scary but quite interesting, the guy is very brave i like ;)

things to do in Malaysia: go to the beach, gain weight, meet up with friends, gain weight, xiang ning's birthday party, gain weight, learn how to cook, gain weight, learn how to drive, gain weight, etc. damnnn i'm so gonna gain weight in malaysia, there is literally food everywhere in my house =.= that explains why my bro and sis are overweight....oh well, my mum's cooking is velly velllly good too :D


wheeee wow i think i typed too much, time to go to sleep~~ my eyes are getting dry (eyebags :( )and my fingers are getting numb cuz of the air-cond -.- HAHA

tell me how to win your heart, for i havent got a clue, so let me start by saying i love you

do you know i miss you till i cried? you never know