AWESOMEness of Ngui Woan Chyi =)

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whole world knows LOL


just a short short post cuz i need to study for Math Test O.O

okay fine since the whole world knows now i dont care liao. even my parents in Malaysia knows LOLOL but they're cool with it i love my parents <3 is it really the unexpected? really? like everyone so shock LOL then everyone come and interrogate me O.O and the funny thing is i got alot of blessings HAHA. thanks lah guys it really helps

hello CHEONG YU JIA 大变态 :D and VIVIEN ANG 小变态 :D HAHAHAHHA the name will follow you forevar HAHA :D

today during physics lesson, RYAN KILLED YUJIA'S BELOVED PENCIL (which is only 3 cm long) HAHAHAHHA RYAN THE PENCIL MURDERER!!! sorry yujia you have to let it go, the time has come, just let it go. let it rest in peace. Time of death: 22nd of February 10.03 am =D yay i can get you a new pencil for your birthday if you want :D

HAHA now i'm skyping with JH lol. Skype cool leh never use it before HAHA first time using only :P
kay i dunno what i'm typing 语无伦次了 ciao

ps: I AM NOT SHORT HE IS JUST VERY TALL T.T shit now all my friends say ei woan chyi howcome you so short one when you stand beside him he's like one head taller than you, ur just until his shoulder O.O ARGH hmph Blehhhhh

interesting HAHA