AWESOMEness of Ngui Woan Chyi =)

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seriously the HUGE PINEAPPLE hanging outside my room is really freaking me out O.O PE lesson started first, i did not do much because my ankle and shoulder damn pain T.T NUUUUUuuuuuu T.T i only ran for one round and walked one round LOL. then after that we played captain's ball. I WANNA BE CAPTAIN BUT I'M A SUPER NICE GIRL SO I GAVE THE PLACE TO SOHJIE cuz he damn lazy want to rest tsk.seriously man we got owned bu junyi and jeremy T.T not fair lorr!!! then Mr Chua say ppl above 175cm cannot be captain HAHAHAHAHA :D oh yea when we're 热身ing we made a joke about what if we can't sms or msn what can we do. HAHA WE CAN WRITE LETTERS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA LIKE "brb", "LOL", "XXX has nudged you", "XXX has changed his display picture" HAHAHAHAHHA ROFL!!! poor vivien :P, yujia and I laughed like hell :D then had Chinese lesson and History lesson. HISTORY WAS 2 HOURS WASTE OF TIME as usual. LBJ is a B :P i have learned nothing since the first lesson and i'm pretty sure i have a high chance of failing this module O.O Eilenne was drawing, others sleeping, me and yujia were drawing on each other's thighs? and just wait for 2 hours to pass. but we always can bond during history class cuz we keep trying to fail the projector, HAHA damn funny. plus she like doesnt want us to go off early, everytime also like first one and a half hour talk crap then left 15 minutes le then ask us to discuss work wtfffffffff??? argh i'm dropping history next year no matter what. then during lunch we were like waiting for Mr. Lee to show up but he didn T.T cuz last week he treat us all Milo leh HAHAHA Mr Lee ftw :DD after that English lesson was torture. I KNEW IT I SCREWED UP MY ENGLISH FORMATIVE ESSAY T.T although i didn't fail but its not that good either T.T haizzz but something happy happened :D hehe yujia, vivien you know what i mean :D i have NO CCA ON FRIDAY YAY. actually i wanna go, but the venue is in the basement T.T god knows how much I HATE THE BASEMENT. plus it was raining and it WORSE. i hate rainy days. how do i not hate rainy days if my room was flooded last year......then i went back to my room and prepare for cluster 5B first outing. WE ARE GOING TO SINGAPORE FLYER :D SWESEN'S IS AWESOME!!! i ordered this lambchop which is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S :D
<333 i love the potato wedges too~~~ damn nice then we ordered this GIANT EARTHQUAKE :D i love the sticky chewy chocolate<3
in your face yawen!!! muahahahahahahahhahahaha after that, we WALKED to the Singapore Flyer. yes, we walked. oh well we get to burn our calories :D i think we were the last group of people there and we get the WHOLE CAPSULE for ourselves WHEEEE :D btw we camwhored like it was the end of the world LOL wtf
for more photos please check out my facebook HAHA :D we reached hostel at 12am man. damn exhausted and my ankle pain like shit T.T oh well i still enjoyed the night wheee :D AWESOME :D
CUTEEEEEEE <3 i think i'm a dog person HAHA