AWESOMEness of Ngui Woan Chyi =)

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What started my day? I would like to call it the "Pineapple Incident". Basically its just that when i opened my door this morning to go to school, I was stunned by a huge pineapple (made from paper=CNY decoration) which is hanging right in front of my room. great now i'll see it everytime i go in or out of my room T.T Chem was fun. We spend most of our time arguing about the thermochemical reaction with Ms. Wong. I don't find it so hard to understand man. its just like the moles of the reaction times five, so the heat released you just have to times five too!!! dont think too hard timothy LOL. Then the next hour she returned our assignments and quizzes. We all got a cute smiley face sticker wheeeee :D too bad Ryan you have to go for remedial classes T.T Then Ms. Wong gave us a packet a small lolipops and a whole packet of 冰冰米果 HAHA. I LOVE YOU MS WONG HAHAHA.She left us off half an hour early( I LOVE YOU MORE), and i went to sing(YES, SING!!)with yujia, jon, and timo LOL, cuz they brought their guitars. ah i failed at remembering lyrics, gimme somemore time :P LOL yujia i know you like to do everything at a super fast pace, but seriously you play until damn fast lah, i cant catch my breath already, especially after Tongue Tied T.T i really got my tongue tied T.T Then after that physics mass lecture. damn fail. I cant get a single thing T.T and econs (teacher pms), made my mood worse T.T but MATH LESSON WAS AWESOME!!! :D cuz the last page of chapter 4 is about a game called "the tower of Hanoi", and Mr. Lee challenged us to solve it in the minimum steps, prizes are Ovaltine sweeeeeeeeeets :D at first the year 3 geniuses solve the first few ones and we were like OMG THE YEAR 3S ARE TAKING AWAY OUR SWEETS. so for the final challenge, I went out and the whole class were like shouting, discussing loudly for the correct next move. HAHAHAHA TALKING ABOUT CLASS SPIRIT <3 after Math, i chiong my bio prac cuz i really have a screwed up graph, kena scolded by Ryan cuz he really need to hand it up T.T then i chiong down to Chemistry Lab to do our chem demonstration AGAIN. actually we succeed already but we really need to scale down everything :P wow seriously, this is the THIRD time we do this experiment, and we dont even care about the amount of chemicals anymore. We just estimated everything HAHA. the purple iodine gas is so pretty, but poor Mrs. Soong, the moral of the story is being a chem teacher will have a short life T.T AND YES WE CAME OUT WITH AN AWESOME STORY LINE!!! THANKS TO ME HAHAHAHAHA. HIGH 5 JUN YI, EILENNE :D looking forward to chem demonstration day now HAHA :D during dinner time, Halal dinner suxxx. but at least i get Fatinna's eggs every time :D poor Fatinn. there is only ONE SOLUTION for this. okay no one can see my hand gesture, oh well, only me, FatinnA, YaWen and Kelvin can uncerstand HAHA. Lastly, I WANT TO GO TO CHALET I NEVER GO TO A CHALET BEFORE I WANT TO WATCH HORROR MOVIES AT MIDNIGHT AND GO SCARE OTHER PEOPLE T.T i hope the hostel will approve my leave on E-Learning week T.T ps: i got ulser now damn pain T.T and my tongue feels funny cuz i ate too much Tic-Tac during study time in the library LOL ENDLESS LOVE FTW<3
i remember getting this for my coach's birthday when i was in primary school. i wonder if he still has it O.O how they put the whole ship inside the bottle anyway? O.O