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emo T.T

i wanna cry cry cry cry cry cry cry now T.T holy crap aku sangat emo jua T.T well this morning i was damn happy cuz i was going to skip da vincci. (it did not have any good responses from my friends) eg: DA VINCCI SUCKS!, I WASTED 2 HOURS OF MY LIFE, etc. but seriously i damn emo now i gastric pain T.T what happened to me omggg??? for 2 years already i still cant seem to overcome this fear. I did well during trainings, but once i go for competitions i cant even seem to 发挥 50% of the results of my trainings T.T WHY?? WHY?? WHY??? for how many years already... i dont want to let people down anymore. SERIOUSLY i need to think of a way to get rid of that feeling. thanks for shao hao (i wont reveal your ULTIMATE SECRET if you dont call me auntie :P)to try and cheer me up. and mostly JH who made me cry at first then smile again. hahahahahaha i like that description of yours about me HAHA :D ps: yawen i really wanna be in that bet but i'm scared i'll ruin everything. T.T maybe some other time. you still owe me pizza you know. ah i love it when i win bets :D ps2: i changed my blog music to Endless Love cuz i really really really love this song muahaha :D this version is nice <3 ps3: MY DAD ADDED ME ON FACEBOOK!!!!! OMGOMGOMG if i accept the request he'll see everything i post on facebook HOLY CRAP O.O what to do???
at last, something to make me smile :)