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a night at VIVO^^

ok, i juz came back from VIVO guess wat, need to go there for some Science Centre Volunteer Programme i was there for more than 5 hours, standing and saying "Do you want this poster???" "You need to fill up this simple survey form first." "The poster is for FREE, but you need to fill up this survey form." "If you have any questions related to ASTRONOMY, please feel free to write it down and put it into the bowl, and if your question is answered, u stand a chance to win a WATCH!!!" i cant believe it i really did that for 5 hours!! actually i slack for 1 hour+ la...hehe but i get a cool T-shirt, a cool poster(the 1 i'd been giving out for 4 hours) and a kind of specs thing from an ASTRONAUT!!! haha, i forgot how to spell astronaut, ending up spelling it as astrounot!! wat the hell is that man??? and there's really that word on google?? thx Wardah for spelling it correctly, haha!!
actually i cant see anything, hahaha!! and there were some ACS volunteers too^^ one is from China, but speak really fluent English and some looked really damn familiar, but i really couldnt recall back my memories...aaaaaa!!! i think because of the swine flu, the staff prepared 2 bottles of handwash... OMG!! I LOVE THOSE HANDWASH!!!ESPECIALLY THE LAVENDAR 1!!! i get addicted!!!hahaha!!!keep using it cuz its so nice and cool and it SMELLS NICE!!!hahaha the event was quite ok... get to interact with the public?? haha and in the middle of the event, i saw Minh's sister!!! hahahaha!!!such a coincidence!!! then guess wat, the 1st thing she said to me was in vietnamese.... hahaha!!!then i was like omg, i dun understand, i'm malaysian!!! haahaha!!!then we're laughing laughing laughing... hahaha ok, lets start from what happened last night i went to the track with Billy at 9.50pm?? then i ran for 3 rounds i think, stomach really freaking pain but Billy ran for 10++ rounds... hahaha we cant compete, he's a guy!!! but i walk a lot of rounds, staring at the sky too bad there was a lot of clouds, i can juz see the half moon and i realized, its hard to walk in a straight line when u stare at the sky hahaha, after that we went to explore the school!!! wahahahahaha!!! we went to some place that we're curious abt but never been be4, its kind of scary at first but its fun in the end, haha then i went back to my room at 11, took temperature at the pantry after roll-call, all because of the stupid swine flu, WTH!!!! then, after finishing half of my bio assignment, i slept early at 1 cuz goin to the Jurong East Library the next day with Ly-En ok, now i noe that library is a very popular place, damn crowded!! i'd been typing this post for 2 hours, and i'm not finished yet..... juz came out of a bath at 2 in the morning!!!hahaha!!! and its raining and thundering now.... and still chatting with yuan han??? hahaha hey guys~really, go watch 7 things-Miley Cyrus on youtube watch it for several times, until u like it, then go watch 7 things parody-davedays hahahahaha!!!its hilarious!!!OMG!!!! i think i'll stop for now, if not it'll be a non-stop writing... i decided to wake up yuan han at 8am !!! he's goin to kill me... hahahahaha!!!