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a day of my life......

ok,let me recall...wat happened yesterday。。。 oh ya, it was NUS High Cross Country Run 2009, i woke up at 6am!!!! its 6 in the morning!!! haven wake up so early in 4 months... too bad it rained... go there to do ntg... (actually i'm quite happy) wahahahaha only the boys competative runners managed to finish the run heard that the champion finished 3.5km in 12 minutes!!! oh gosh, i havent even finish running 2.4km.... not fair.... and then i went back to Clementi with a bunch of China scholars the bus is damn super cold hope i wont get a cold again after 30 minutes(i guess), we reached our destination i went to get some cash from KTM and went to KFC with Billy u were freakin cold and the tea was freakin hot!!! i scalded my tongue!!! damn pain!!! hahaha!!thx for the treat, i'll return u the money if u wan~~ then i go with him to buy new sandals(dunno wat he did to his sandals...), and we went to Fair Price to buy milk, omg, its the 1st time i realized how much u like drinking milk.... nvm, u still can grow taller anyway...sob... then we walk back to school talking random stuff...haha^^ u really should smile more~~u have big eyes, and u seemed like staring at ppl all the time if u dont scary... and u'll be more handsome!!!hahahahahahahaha after i went back to my room, i bath and then sleep for 3 hours... why am i so tired ah??? after havin dinner, i went to clean up my hotmail inbox... hahaha its a hard job, deleting 700++ emails!!! then i saw an email sent by Ryan 3 months ago about the whole class's email address, so i end up adding all the contacts. haha then at 8++ i chat with yuan han about a lot of funny things until 2am... hahahaha!!! juz ADMIT it!!! hahaha!!! ur a perfect 0!!! (inside joke with Ly-En)hahahaha at that time, i had a sudden desire to change my blog layout, i spent for more than 3 hours to design it!!! omg... well, i was also studying history, chatting msn, eating chocolates, ext.. hahahaha!!! but u noe wat??? i delete the whole damn thing, cuz it looked so complicated(comments from Minh and brabra) anyway, i woke up the nex morning to design a new 1~~ and i LOVE it!!! woohoo!!!STARS+BLUE COLOUR~~~~ i was in the Music Room B with Minh juz now(but we got chased out), oh well... The weather is damn hot!!! i want air-cond!!! haiz.... i felt so lost... when i had lunch, Ly-En said that i looked tired...tired in a way that i'm tired of life... wth! hahaha!!! if i die i'll haunt u forever!!!haha!!! need to study la!! but a lot of homework... bio, history, stupid chinese formal mood!!!! haiz...actually i'm supposed to go to VIVO for some volunteer programme, instead i'm goin tmr, oh well, it doesnt make any difference anyway... promise to go to the track to jog with Billy tonite, hope i can last for 3 rounds perhaps???hahahahahaha!!! life is like a boat, it'll take u to where it sails too, all u need to do is relax and enjoy the ride~~