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1st of January 2009 (Rainy rainy rainy!!!) It’s the 1st day of 2009, ya I know , I type it just now. Because of some reasons, I decided to use English to write my blog. It is as hard for me as it is for the people to read it. I deserve a try, ok? Well, everything needs the 1st time, right? I NEED TO IMPROVE MY ENGLISH BADLY & IMMEDIATELY!!!!! This is my second night in the hostel, my roommate is a Vietnamese, a girl, 16 this year, quite pretty, I can give you her phone number if u want~~but please give me S$50. The other 2 girls sharing the same toilet and bathroom with us are from Malaysia, one of them speak English quite well. Tonight’s assembly is the 1st assembly I attended here. It is quite hard for me as everyone speaks English around here except for some boarders from China!! Aargh!!! I feel the pressure already. After the assembly, cluster 3A and 3B went to the TV room for a meeting. I hardly know anyone and the girls in 3A from Nanhua looks the same to me(from China). Ya, I forgot to mentioned it just now, I’m in 3B (RB3-09-1). I’m quite nervous as some of them don’t seem quite friendly, it hurts my heart… But my cluster mentor,Lien from Vietnam is very friendly, I even volunteer to be the ………(haha,I also forgot the position’s name, but all I need to do is to organize the parties and buy the things we need.) Here, we need to tap our fingerprints when we’re going in and out to identify ourselves to open the gates. I think the machines don’t like me as I need to press several times to pass. It gets onto my nerves everytime because it is totally embarrassing. Ok, it is my bedtime now. Tomorrow I need to go to my new school (KENT RIDGE)but I don’t know how it’ll be counted as my new school because I’ll get an interview to get into NUS high…… Last but not least, I miss my family and friends… Remember to think of me always~~Muackzz~~